Huwebes, Nobyembre 20, 2014

1st day of Internship!

Hello readers! I forgot to post my thoughts about my internship yesterday. This is the only time that i was able to post it. 

11-20-14 (Thursday)

First day as Intern @ PEDHS Alabang. I'm really struggling waking up early in the morning. i used to sleep super late. My call time on PEDHS is 15mins. before 6am and i have to travel 1 1/2hours because i live in Laguna. I woke up 4:30 in the morning i can't decide whether i'm going to take hot bath or just the normal cold water bath. when i checked the time its already 4:47 i had no choice but to take the cold one. I feel so nervous but excited. When i got there. I was assigned to Mrs. Louisa Tabiles, she will be my CT until March. I'm blessed because my ct is so kind and very approachable. I introduced myself to her then she oriented me about her schedules and handle of sections. Everyday she's handling 6 sections which means i'm also going to handle 6 sections everyday! (I feel so tired right now while writing this) so we went to the 1 section which is Section 10 my ct introduced me to her students. Each sections there are 60+ students some of them are drop.(imagine how can i handle this?!) during class i observed some of them are always going outside even though theres a teacher in front they don't care, they just do what they want to do. And its so hard to think of what kind of strategies i'm going to used to them. Some of them always making noise, texting, teasing each other & not paying attention to their teacher. I feel pity to my ct she needs to shout everytime just to stop her students in making noise. (Kaya pala lagi siyang paos) I feel pity also for the students because asied from quality education they also deserved good and well ventilated classrooms. Each classroom have 60+ students then 1 electric fan & destroyed chairs. How can student focus on her study if her surroundings is so dirty and suffocating? I also experience studying in public school during elementary but then my mom transferred me to private school because she wanted better education for me. I'm not against or something on public schools, What i mean is in private school teachers can focus on each of her students because she only got 24 students while in public schools they have 60+. (Pagchecheck palang ng attendance ubos na oras) anyway, nakakachallenged din magturo sa public school. And deserving ang mga teachers dun ng mataas na sweldo. Now i know what it feels like. 

Osiya, may bukas pa. Baka maubusan ako ng sasabihin. Adios! 


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