Miyerkules, Setyembre 26, 2012

What's on your bag?

Hi everyone! So tonight i have decided to make a post.. I called it What's on your bag?
in the first part of this post.. i'll be sharing the things i have in my bag & maybe some other time i can post another part but it will be different bags from my friends. Isn't that interesting? They will share it to us.. 

So i will include some pictures here...

Those are the things i have inside my bag,

  • First, is my favorite Pink bag.. its From Hermes.
  • Inside it i have a pink pouch that my best friend gave to me on my birthday, i used it to organize my pens, liquid blush on, my ointment, vitress, and i also put here my pony tail. 
  • I also have here my Notebook, the Green one is what i used in school to take some notes, the other one is my inspiration notebook from my cousin..i just love that notebook because of the design.. 
  • Also i have here My samsung mobile, my wallet, my i.d. , my krispy kreme coupon.
  • As you can see there i have two perfumes.. because i just want to smell good & nice everytime.. First one is Tangerine from Zen Zest, & the other one is sassy sweetheart from BeautyBar Collection. 
So that's it! That's the usual things that i bring everyday.. Stay tuned for my next post about " What's on my bag?" 

Happy Evening! :))

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