Lunes, Oktubre 1, 2012

Anastasia Steele.

I want to share some kilig parts on the first book of fifty shades of grey. Anastasia Steele is the lead cast with her Fifty shades Christian Grey. they met when Ana also known as Anastasia Interviewed Christian for her bestfriend's report. As Ana Described in the book Christian grey looks; So youn and attractive, very attractive. He'stall, dressed in a fine gray suit, white shirt, and black tie with unruly dark copper colored hair and intense, bright gray eyes. I'm on the Second book na which is Fifty Shades of Darker. I'm so hook with this book! :)) Can't wait to watch the movie..

      Because i'm a fan of Anastasia Steele.. I made my assemble as it says at the book, Grab some photos at google so that i can assemble Anastasia Steele's Style. 

  • First outfit is the usual clothes that Anastasia wore, when she is still in college. i love her style so simple yet attractive. 
  • Second is the one She wore when Leina is threatening her. 
  • Last one is the one she wore when Christian Grey introduced her to his family. the elegant one. 

Details(as the author described) : Loose Top , Black Jeans , Leather black jackets, &  Converse.

Details(as the author described) : Loose Top , Black Jeans ,red lips stick, heart earrings, Leather black jackets, &  Converse.

When i finished reading the book.. i'll try to assemble my own Anastasia Steele outfit. then i'll post it here. I SO LOVE THEM! 

Well, it's kinda late.. i'm going to sleep now (actually i will continue read the book now) LOL.

Yhen :)

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