Biyernes, Oktubre 26, 2012

Dare to wear Orange!

My whole Outfit

Orange Pearls From Festival Mall

My Orange Doll Shoes from SoleMate

Black earrings

The Back of my Dress.

Camera Necklace from Accesorize

Love Orange!

Hi Gals! Finally, i got the chance to post again..(Sembreak that's why)
As you can see i love neon colors.. and Actually Orange is my Favorite color.
Some people doesn't want to wear this color because they say that "nakaka-itim yan" 
for me it's not. Well, i dare you all to wear Orange color! and you can see it to yourself.. 

Dress gift from my cousin
Shoes from SoleMate
Matches my Accessories,,

Yhen :)

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