Biyernes, Oktubre 19, 2012

Florals. :)

My Full Outfit.
More Closer Look.
Do i look fat!?
Mini Sachet. love the color.
My Cequence Black Doll Shoes.
My Favorite part. The Floral Shorts.
Yes sir! Mustache Necklace.

Ugh. The Back View.
Last Full Outfit! Tadaaa!! :))
Hi sweethearts! I'm superb busy this week.. Anyway, i love my outfit today.. perfect for the sunny weather,
Today, i went to Festival mall to refresh and stroll with my friends.. I deserved this relaxation! This past week is so stressful.. its makes my hair Frizzy!!! Just Kidding. :))

Top: Black Round Neck Blouse
Floral Print Shorts (Silk Fabric)
Cequence Black Doll Shoes
Mini Sachet
Mustache Necklace

To add: I'm a fan of printed clothes, like aztec prints, floral prints, grafitti, & abstract. Since Highschool i always join in Arts Competitions. Well, i think it's my porte. Aside from being good in arts i'm also maARTe. lol. 

Yhen :)

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