Huwebes, Oktubre 4, 2012

Help them.

She is your wife, your mother, daughter, relative or your friend. She has just been diagnosed with an advanced stage of breast cancer. What if by a simple exam it could have been detected sooner? For women who detect breast cancer early (localized stage) their survival rate is over 98%. But many women can’t afford or don’t have access to breast health services. Over 30% of the women whose lives are shattered by breast cancer every year are diagnosed after the cancer has spread. For them, the survival rate is significantly lower

Your support will provide women with access to breast health services and early detection tools like mammograms. This week, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, help us save the life of someone’s mom, sister, daughter, aunt or friend!

Click here to grab an awesome shirt that helps to save the life of a woman with breast cancer!

Yhen :)

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